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    Prosciutto Crudo in Langhirano, since 1954

A 70-years legacy

In 1954, Giancarlo Tanara established his company in Langhirano, in the province of Parma. Since its inception, Tanara has become synonymous with excellence in Prosciutto, extending its reputation far beyond the borders of Parma. 
Presently, Tanara's facilities produce over 130,000 hams annually, celebrated worldwide for their exceptional quality.

The Region

Nestled between the Parma River and the hills, Langhirano boasts the perfect environment for Prosciutto production, thanks to its unique climate. Written records confirm the salting and processing of pork legs in this area since Roman times, through the Middle Ages, and up to the present day. We are committed to continuing this legacy by prioritizing quality and tradition in our work. For us, producing Prosciutto di Parma means meticulously handcrafting each leg, following the processing stages passed down through the years, to create an artisanal product of excellence.
Our philosophy doesn’t involve “saving time”: Prosciutto requires care and expertise throughout the entire production process, and we know how to meet these requirements.

The Prosciutto, as we see it

Tanara Prosciutto is distinguished by the aroma and flavor of true and traditional Prosciutto di Parma, hand-salted and expertly cured in accordance with tradition.
The selection of fresh pork legs marks the beginning of the process that will bring the finest Prosciutto di Parma to your table: only pork legs of the highest quality, sourced from selected Italian farms through over 70 years of experience, are processed in our facilities.
Indeed, not all legs are suitable for our processing, and to achieve authentic Prosciutto Tanara, we carefully assess the origin, weight, and amount of fat to ensure we obtain a sweet, tender, and long-aged Prosciutto.

The Selection